15 Things Only People Living by the Ocean Understand

1. The ocean looks and acts different every day. It makes you want to go sit on the sand all day and stare, taking it in and committing the sheer beauty and power to memory.

2. A dip in the ocean is the best way to start the day. Getting in all those negative ions makes you happy and content and whatever you have planned for the day is easily handled when in a great mood.

3. Living near the beach doesn’t mean you’re a beach bum. Living at the beach just means you CAN be one every weekend if you want.

4. The vastness and power of the ocean puts you into perspective. You are just a tiny grain of sand in this universe.

5. You feel like the luckiest person alive to live near the ocean when so many people pay lots of money to be there for two weeks.

6. You learn to give in to things you can’t change. Like stop fighting the sand in your car.

7. It’s the one place that is even better when you are alone than with other people.

8. It’s easier to connect with your inner self when your feet are buried in the sand.

9. Ocean views never get old. Ever.

10. You are more productive and organized than people who don’t live near the ocean. Why? You need to get everything done in order to spend time at the beach.

11. Everything tastes better when sitting on the beach.

12. Running along the beach is a better workout than the gym. And a better atmosphere.

13. You feel smug when you tell people where you live.

14. You know the beach isn’t only for summer. Fall and winter have some of the best sunrises and sunsets.

15. You don’t get people who don’t like the beach. Huh?? It’s like saying they don’t like eating.

Hawai’i hele mai ho’ohiwahiwa ka moana. In Hawaii we honor the ocean.  xo, Jacci


Jacci Delaneau

Adventuress, animal activist and recovering cheese addict. Dreamer and doer. A patent holding serial entrepreneur, our founder Jacci, has traveled the world in search of bizarre beauty rituals, the planet’s most beautiful beaches, and the perfect pizza. She combines her background in Marine Biology and Organic Cosmetic Science to develop clean, high performance skin care using sustainable ocean based ingredients. Read more about Jacci.