A healthy skin barrier is needed for great skin

rhinoThe stratum corneum layer of your skin represents a brick and mortar type construction in which cells are layered with a thin coating of intracellular fat cementing it together.  As a result, the skin barrier is actually lipophilic or “fat-loving” as a natural way of resisting the absorption of bacteria and other aqueous environmental materials that fall on the skin.

As new cells migrate from the various layers of the epidermis, the cells within the stratum corneum undergo continual replacement. It is important to note that optimal migration of the cells is what results in a healthier skin barrier.

The key to maintaining healthy skin is maintaining a healthy skin barrier.  As the outermost layer of the skin, the skin barrier is subjected to a host of daily assaults including sun exposure, environmental pollutants, wind, medicine, alcohol, smoking and too much exfoliating. These stressors contribute to breakdown and compromise its protective capabilities. Therefore, on-going efforts are needed to keep the integrity of the skin barrier intact.

One way to keep the skin barrier intact is to ingest a whole lot of collagen, which is found in gelatins made from bone broths. Taking collagen pills or powders is also helpful if bone broth isn't your thing.

Another way to keep the skin barrier intact is to use Vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide. There are many serums and creams with this vitamin in it and they are all great. What makes our niacinamide laden UV Repair Cream stand out in the crowd is all the supporting actors. Niacinamide couldn’t do it alone without ceramides, fatty acids, melatonin, glutathione, superoxide dismutase and a host of other extremely powerful anti-oxidants.

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