DIY toner recipe: wild rose and tea mist

This is a deeply moisturizing 100% active toner with wild rose and white tea extract, having strong anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Super low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes the skin and keeps it there. This facial mist can also be applied before makeup and is suitable for dry or oily skin. The Natural Rose in Phase B can be substituted with another natural oil.  

This can be packaged into a small glass bottle with spray device or a small bottle with flip top. Better yet, save one of our bottles when the product is done and re-use them for your DIY recipes.


Neroli Flower Water -44.45 g

Methyl Gluceth-10- 1 g 

Rose Flower Extract Rose- 2.5 g
White Tea Extract- 1.25 g

Xanthan Gum- .10 g

Sodium Hyaluronate- .10 g


Polysorbate 20- .5 g

Natural Rose Otto - .05 g


Phenoxyethanol - .35 g


1. Combine phase A ingredients by first dissolving the hyaluronic acid in the water. 2. Blend all remaining ingredients (except xanthan gum) and blend well. 

3. Add xanthan gum and blend well until smooth with stick blender, homogenizer). 4. Add phase B and blend well. 

5. Add phase C and blend well. 

All ingredients can be found at a formulator supply store or a manufacturer that sells supplies at lower quantity.  Or you can let us know you want this toner and if enough people want it, we’ll make it special for you!  

xo, Jacci & Laura

Jacci Russ

Our founder Jacci, combines her background in Marine Biology and Organic Cosmetic Science for high performance, yet clean skincare using ocean-based ingredients. She has traveled the world in search of strange spa treatments and perfect pizza. Dreamer and Doer. Adventuress, animal activist, recovering cheese addict. Read more about Jacci.