Meet the founders

Founders Laura and Jacci

Two independent, creative, business-minded feminists and world travelers.

Jacci Russ, our Founder

Jacci (on the right) is the founder of Oceanica Skincare. She is a patent-holding dreamer AND doer, beauty junkie, animal activist and recovering cheese addict. At Oceanica, she is the visionary, the veteran entrepreneur and the “glad scientist”, having studied both Marine Biology and Advanced Organic Cosmetic Science. From as far back as college in Hawaii, she always wanted to use powerful sea botanicals to condition the skin.

It wasn't until she went back to school for a Diploma in Advanced Organic Cosmetic Science that she felt compelled to create clean skincare with ocean ingredients, a niche that is lacking in the skincare industry. 

Laura Blom, our Co-founder

Laura (left) is the co-founder. She is an escape artist, chocoholic, award-winning footwear designer and in previous lives, was a travel agent and the manager of the 7th most trafficked website in the world. She holds over 14 years of digital product management experience. At Oceanica she is the designer, the techie and the operations expert. She is a Maritimer and environmentalist raised on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and loved the idea of building an online indie beauty brand focused on sustainability.


Jacci and Laura met over 20 years ago while traveling through Asia and have been friends ever since. When Jacci suggested that they partner to create Oceanica, Laura knew that Jacci's science and business knowledge combined with her own creative and technical expertise would be a case of 1+1=3. 

With Oceanica they have a convergence of all of their obsessions: the ocean, wild ingredients, creativity, far away lands, travel, and giving back to women, animals and the ocean. Sharing beauty secrets and exotic ingredients from the far flung places they've visited makes the world feel a bit smaller, a little friendlier and a lot more beautiful.

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Laura Blom

Our co-founder Laura was raised on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and believes the best horizons are liquid. In previous lives she designed award winning shoes, was once a travel agent and the manager of the 7th most trafficked website in the world. Globe-trotter, designer, escape artist, chocoholic. Read more about Laura.