Keeping skin hydrated while traveling


Changing time zones and climates wreak havoc on skin, not to mention the dry air on planes. As fairly seasoned globe trotters, we have a few tips that have worked for us over the years:

Let your moisturizer double as a face mask while on the plane and forgo the makeup. Foundation and powders will be more drying on the plane and the fine lines will show up even harsher. Instead of using powder, use only your foundation if you really need to, and when you get on the plane put on a big dollop of cream. 

Do not use a cream with a humectant. Everyone knows hyaluronic acid is a great humectant and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. But what does that really mean for your skin? It has an osmotic effect which means that if you are in a very moist climate, like Hawaii, HA will pull moisture from the air and into your skin. However, if you are in a dry climate like Arizona, or on a plane, that same HA will pull moisture from deeper in your skin to the surface where you put the cream. This will make your skin even drier. Make sure the cream you use for the plane is a heavy but simple moisturizer without all the active ingredients that you normally use because those make a cream less moisturizing. 

Personally I use a cream with a heavy occlusive as a mask for the entire flight for protection against the dry air. I tissue off right before landing, leaving my skin soft and moist looking. Fix your lip gloss and put on sunglasses and you are ready for landing.

Drink an electrolyte drink or at least water with a bit of salt. This will retain some water in your body better than drinking plain water which may have you waking up your neighbor to go to the rest room every hour. Keeping the water in your body is primary.

Spray a vitamin enriched face spray or toner every hour to keep replenishing water loss from your face.  Choose one that doesn’t have perfume as those chemicals (even essential oils) can be extra drying even if the other ingredients are good for skin. When traveling, the normal beauty rituals just don’t work as well. You need to take extra care with your skin. 

If you must wash your hands in the restroom, follow up with a hand sanitizer to make sure your hands are clean and put on heavy hand cream. Flight attendant friends always tell us how dirty the plane water is, as it is chemically treated and recycled. This is also why we’re told to never drink tea or coffee made on the place because they use the same chemically treated water for everything.  Stick to canned drinks or bottled water (with salt!).

Do you have some tips you’d like to share? Let us know and we’ll use them in a future post.

xo, Jacci & Laura

Jacci Delaneau

Adventuress, animal activist and recovering cheese addict. Dreamer and doer. A patent holding serial entrepreneur, our founder Jacci, has traveled the world in search of bizarre beauty rituals, the planet’s most beautiful beaches, and the perfect pizza. She combines her background in Marine Biology and Organic Cosmetic Science to develop clean, high performance skin care using sustainable ocean based ingredients. Read more about Jacci.