Indie skin care with clean ocean ingredients

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Ocean Minerals

There are over 30,000 different types of marine alga (plural of algae) that have been in our oceans for eons. They are full of vitamin C, chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals that skin knows how to use for soothing, bloating, protecting against damage, and rejuvenating. Think about how you feel after a refreshing dip in a cool lagoon or a midnight swim in the deep blue ocean. The ions induce happiness, the minerals detox, and the water lifts you up, suspending you in your original environment reminiscent of the womb. It is literally where we come from, and your skin knows it. Enter Oceanica... an all-natural, indie brand that uses nutrient-dense ocean ingredients that are readily absorbed by your skin. 

Sea Kelp Bioferment

Rich in fatty acids, our sea kelp bioferment contains the full spectrum of sea minerals, chlorophyll, B vitamins, enzymes, lipids, Vitamin A and essential amino acids in a form naturally available to skin.

Essential Oils

There are a few major beauty brands that we love who use ocean-based ingredients but there are only a handful of natural brands that do and unfortunately they choose to add essential oils (EOs) to their products for scent. We are against using essential oils on our face and advise everyone to be very careful if they do. There are legal dermal limits for EOs that many brands do not know about because most brand owners are not knowledgeable in cosmetic formulation. Therefore, there are many natural products on the market that have more essential oils in them than is legal. This causes a slow sensitization over time which means that each time your skin comes into contact with an EO, it takes less and less of it to cause sensitivity until you can have a full blown allergic reaction.

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Clean Beauty Means Safety Over Source

Therefore, while we do use natural ingredients, we consider ourselves more of a CLEAN brand. Clean = ocean = no essential oils = safe. Our mantra is safety over source, so if something is natural, naturally derived, or nature identical and already proven to be safe, effective, and necessary to our product, we will happily use it. The goal is always to make a product that does what it's supposed to, in the cleanest way possible. The goal isn't to instill fear into people by claiming that every other brand is toxic. 

Another reason for eschewing essential oils is because they are so very toxic to fish, wildlife, and even pets. While people who sell essential oils talk about using them on pets, they are extremely toxic to cats and many cats have died from their owners diffusing essential oils into the house or using them on their bodies. 

Please note, that while we do not use essential oils in skincare, we understand they do have their place in perfumes, body oils, soaps and aromatherapy. In wash off products, the legal limit is a little higher and the body is usually not as sensitive as the face, so you would be safe to use them there. Just don't ingest them or use them on your pets! If you read about ingesting them on someone's blog, get the science to back up those claims. We're sure you won't find any.

We formulated our entire line for sensitive skin as we know first hand how difficult it is to find products that don’t sting, burn or otherwise damage your skin. (We’ll tell you why your natural creams make your skin ultra sensitive in a future post.) Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, we recommend it for everyone because you know...  an ounce of prevention...

Buy clean. Stay safe!

xo, Jacci & Laura

Jacci Delaneau

Adventuress, animal activist and recovering cheese addict. Dreamer and doer. A patent holding serial entrepreneur, our founder Jacci, has traveled the world in search of bizarre beauty rituals, the planet’s most beautiful beaches, and the perfect pizza. She combines her background in Marine Biology and Organic Cosmetic Science to develop clean, high performance skin care using sustainable ocean based ingredients. Read more about Jacci.