Your diet is the best skincare

balanced diet

Healthy skin cell turnover

We all want great skin, healthy skin, youthful looking skin no matter what age we are. Using good skin care products is a must, but a bigger must is the right diet. Without the foundation of a good diet, your skin won’t have the nutrients it needs to renew itself as fast as it should. For healthy skin, cells turn over every 6 to 8 weeks and for unhealthy skin the process can take up to 4 months. This means that it literally can take up to 4 months for you to see a difference in your skin from a new product. Since people jump from one product to the next if they do not see results in a week or so, they will never see their skin change for the better. You need to give your products time to work.


While you’re waiting, give your skin its best chance by eating well. There are some well known triggers for skin irritation, including wheat, sugar, dairy, nuts, soy, and polyunsaturated fatty acids like canola oil, soybean oil, etc. Even if you aren’t allergic to any of these, they can still be causing low level body wide inflammation.

Inflammation can take a variety of forms showing up as facial edema, redness, itchiness, rash, heat, and adult acne. These are technically autoimmune reactions and typically from a trigger food.

Elimination game

While it’s our job to make great skin care, no cosmetic can combat the wrong diet. Even if you mostly eat well, all it takes is one bite of a trigger food. If you have any skin conditions you are trying to take care of, please look at your diet and see if eliminating one thing at a time helps at all. If it seems like all the products you use are causing a reaction, then the culprit may be in your diet.


xo, Jacci & Laura

Jacci Russ

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