Oceanica Announces Launch of Online Store

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Honokaa, HI, August 26, 2019 - After 2 years of product development, Oceanica Skincare is excited to announce the launch of their online store found at www.oceanicaskin.care. Starting with 3 creams that take customers around the world without leaving their living room, the official opening date for the store is August 26th, 2019.

Oceanica Skincare was founded by two ocean-loving, globe-trotting, eco-conscious beauty junkies who decided to curate sea plants from their favorite ocean playgrounds and botanicals from the neighboring lands to come up with powerful products that creatively represent each region.

“Our creams have the most beneficial botanicals from both land and sea from a particular locale. For instance, our Rehydration Cream, inspired by my years living in Hawaii, is based on the traditions of Polynesian beauty. We use sea kelp combined with plants from the jungles of Hawaii, like macadamia nut, coconut, bamboo, and honeysuckle. The result is a powerful yet natural anti-aging moisturizer with the ingredients, scent and spirit of Hawaii.” - Jacci Delaneau, Founder

“Products will be available exclusively on our website oceanicaskin.care. We will be shipping domestically to the USA to start with, but have plans to add more countries as we grow. When our customers sign up for our newsletter they will gain access to private products not available on our site, beauty secrets from around the globe, stories of female empowerment and more.” - Laura Blom, Co-Founder

As an added benefit, Oceanica is a clean beauty brand that does not use harsh essential oils in their products.

There are a limited number of free trial-size creams for beauty editors. Email us for a sample or more information.

Oceanica makes clean skin care with exotic ingredients for worldly women with wanderlust. Beauty secrets from around the globe permeate every product, infusing skin with mystical botanicals, soothing sea plants, and wild salt air. Unlike most natural skincare brands, our solutions are free of harsh essential oils and perfect for all skin types including the very sensitive.


Laura Blom, Co-founder 

Jacci Delaneau, Founder 

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Laura Blom

Our co-founder Laura was raised on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and believes the best horizons are liquid. In previous lives she designed award winning shoes, was once a travel agent and the manager of the 7th most trafficked website in the world. Globe-trotter, designer, escape artist, chocoholic. Read more about Laura.