Blue Beauty

Ocean scenery photograph

Blue Beauty: Beyond Green, Beyond Clean

Oceanica advocates for Blue Beauty by embracing the botanical plants found beneath the surface of the ocean because they are more sustainable than terrestrial plants, and help to cut down on the huge environmental pressure caused by the natural skin care industry.

Blue Beauty gives more than it takes. Our USDA Organic Sea Kelp, which is found in all of our products, is sustainably harvested and is considered a carbon sink and provides a home for sea otters. It absorbs more carbon than it emits with a negative carbon footprint. Blue beauty is the ethical choice, never tested on animals because it’s an unnecessary and outdated practice.

Blue Beauty is more progressive than natural, green or clean. As the natural skin care industry goes from rebellious teen to mature young adult, we'll continue to educate on why going green or eco-friendly is not enough. We need to be ocean friendly. Blue is the new green.

"The ocean can provide solutions that take pressure off land-based
sources of production and, if restored, the ocean can be a true hero in
feeding us and providing natural climate solutions."

- Alec Taylor, Acting Head of Marine Policy at WWF-UK

Safety over source 

Most "natural" skincare brands are choosing source over safety, meaning that as long as something is in its natural form, it is safe for use. That could not be further from the truth as anyone with a peanut or shellfish allergy knows. Natural ingredients must be refined in some way in order to be used safely. Think about it, do you really want dirt, worms or heavy metals in your skin care?

All natural ingredients go through some processing or refinement, and all natural extracts are already preserved or they would spoil in days. There are some natural preservatives that can cause more skin sensitizing than lab-made, nature-identical preservatives. This is because natural preservatives need to be used in larger quantities (~10% of the formula) in order to have the same effectiveness as a lab-made preservative (.05% or less). This is a huge difference when formulating an effective product.

Meanwhile, "clean" brands like us are choosing safe, non-sensitizing ingredients that can be all natural, naturally derived, or nature-identical, but well known for being safe. Most ingredients that sound like scary chemicals in skin care are in fact naturally derived. These types of ingredients not only make your products safer for most skin, they are kinder to the environment since they don’t have to be grown.

No essential oils

You may be surprised to learn that we do not use essential oils (EO's) in our face care. Although essential oils are considered natural, they are also mostly phototoxic, and since our customers spend time in the sun, we leave them out. The legal dermal limit for EO’s is under 1% for "leave on" face products, and at those small amounts, there is no big beneficial effect from the essential oil anyway, just a cumulatively sensitizing one.

Many essential oils are fatal to cats, harmful to dogs, and some EO's are even toxic to aquatic life and have a very long lasting impact on marine ecosystems both when being distilled and while being disposed of and we will not contribute to that. Essential oils have become widely popular due to the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) industry and have been wildly misused resulting in people being hurt. We believe that EOs belong in perfume or aromatherapy but they do not belong on your face or anywhere you have delicate skin.