Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Goals for a Bluer Business

We are committed to the ocean-friendly, Blue Beauty movement in everything we do. It is a tall order to find the right partners, the right supplies, and the right ingredients, all as close as possible to our headquarters, in an effort to reduce transportation emissions while sticking to our vision of climate-positive skincare.

Why is it so challenging? Environmentally-friendly product and packaging options are more expensive, and minimum orders are in the tens of thousands, making it cost-prohibitive for smaller, young companies to join in. At Oceanica, we invest more into the product’s formula, and less on extraneous packaging and printed materials. We know how important a beautiful looking product is but we’re always looking to balance earth-friendly choices while offering affordable luxury to our customers.

Our Labs and Manufacturing Partners

Woman scientist

The labs we work with are completely solar powered, USDA certified, Leaping Bunny certified, and Green America certified manufacturers. We chose them based on their knowledge of the most innovative use of clean ingredients and natural ingredients as well as their kindness to the planet.

All of them happen to be women-owned businesses and one is minority female owned. We love working with them and supporting other women in business. 

Our Glass Bottles and Jars

Oceanica glass jars and bottles

The supplier we have chosen for our containers have 20,000 square feet of solar panels and are ISO 14001 certified. They uphold an international standard of environmental management that helps companies minimize their production effects on the planet. The wastewater created during manufacturing is cleaned and filtered before being released back into the environment.

Note: There are still no compostable jars available for creams because creams are water-based. A number of companies have been working on this for years and we continue to follow their progress.

Our Labels

Paper and scissors

Our product labels, shipping labels and address labels are all compostable, sustainable, recycled, natural and organic and come from one of the premier leaders in compostable packaging. For 20 years our label supplier has been making their products right here in the USA.

We considered printing directly onto our jars rather than using labels but the cost and environmental footprint was too heavy to bear. Our compostable labels are easy to peel off so that you can reuse the jar for your next cream or creatively upcycle it into a second life. 5 Ways to Recycle our Jars

Our Retail Boxes

UV Repair Cream box

We have chosen a box supplier that uses paper from certified forests, respecting certifications and legal procedures. All their processes respect the principles of a full circle economy and they are committed to constant measuring and improving:

  • Forest Certification: The trees come from sustainably-managed forests and their sources are 100% traceable. The wood has international PEFC™ and FSC® forest certifications. In 2019, 79% of wood originated from certified forests and 21% come from controlled forest sources. Four seedlings are planted and nourished for every felled tree.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: 99% of the water used in the production of our boxes is cleaned and returned back to nature. The groundwater reserves and water from the lakes, streams and springs close to the forests are constantly measured to make sure the operations do not harm the environment. 83% of the total energy consumption at their facility was fossil-free in 2019. 
  • Organic Certified Inks: Non-polluting HP inks are used on our retail boxes. HP places a high priority on meeting environmental safety standards for its HP Indigo supplies and ink. You can look at HP’s Sustainable Impact Report and HP Indigo's webpage on Environmental Sustainability. The inks do not contain any substances listed on the US Federal list of Hazardous Air Pollutants, like phthalates or bisphenols. HP has been on a mission to eliminate plastic waste for the past 30 years and we believe they will achieve their goal of eliminating 75% of single use plastic by 2025. We can’t wait!

Our Shipping Boxes and Tissue Paper

Mailer box with tissue paper

Oceanica uses shipping boxes that are not just 100% recycled - they are also made from 95% post-consumer content, and they are manufactured here in the USA. 

Our glass containers have a coating to prevent them from breaking during their journeys but to be extra cautious, we add compostable tissue paper as a void filler in your package, so that your products won’t bounce around. Feel free to compost this shredded tissue in your garden or compost pile.

Goods made with recycled content use less energy, water, and create less pollution than virgin counterparts. This is true for every type of material including plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, etc. This includes the energy required to pick up, sort and distribute the recycled goods to manufacturers.

We know RECYCLING is a key way to protect our planet. When you recycle something, you enable those raw materials to be utilized again and keep them out of the landfill. Not everyone recognizes that the act of buying goods made with recycled content is actually what makes it possible for us (and the businesses that serve us) to recycle.

    What’s Next?

    In the near future, we will be offering cream refills in small compostable packets so that once you have the first jar, all you need to do is buy a refill and throw the empty packet into your garden to break down.

    At Oceanica, our goal is to say that our brand left zero footprints in the sand.