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Founders Laura and Jacci



Two friends and life long travelers bring home beauty secrets from around the globe

From volcanic islands deep in the Pacific, to centuries old Asian beauty rituals to Ayurvedic treatments, owners Jacci and Laura, bathed in boiling onsens (natural hot springs in Japan), marinated themselves in mud, covered themselves in clay, sought out the strangest of spa treatments while learning about ancient beauty beliefs from India to Indonesia. They've been pampered, pummeled, pelted, powdered, lathered, slathered, scrubbed, salted, soaked, massaged, heated, frozen, and whipped with everything from volcanic rocks, feathers, palm fronds, sugar, rice, honey, lemongrass, rose petals, salt, turmeric, seaweed, clay, Thai coconut milk, red African tea and Japanese sake... all in the name of beauty.

Already hooked on beauty products, they discovered a new love of the exotic ingredients they found in the wildest corners of the earth. From as far back as college studying Marine Biology in Hawaii, Jacci always wanted to use powerful sea botanicals to condition the skin. As a maritimer and environmentalist raised on the edge of the ocean, Laura loved the idea of blending sustainable sea-based ingredients with age-old traditions.  

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Care for sun-kissed skin

After traveling to over 60 countries, Jacci and Laura wanted to creatively capture their favorite destinations and turn them into skincare made especially for beach lovers like them. They combine their marine biology education and their vast and varied experiences to formulate skincare products for sun goddesses and salty dogs who've spent many days basking in the sun's glow. 

Jacci and Laura spent over two years developing products inspired by their favorite ingredients and fondest memories. Knowing that 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun and as we age our skin cell regeneration slows down, they formulate skincare with sustainably-sourced ocean botanicals that on their own, heal, but when combined with powerful, active ingredients, transform gently aging and sun-drenched skin. 

We are women who wander 

Jacci with the Maasai tribe