Deep Water Mist Facial Toner
Deep Water Mist Facial Toner
Deep Water Mist Facial Toner

Deep Water Mist Facial Toner

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From our Pacific Islands Collection - for thirsty, sensitive skin


Our Deep Water Mist is a lovely splash of nutrients for your face. We’ve loaded our face mist with some of the most prized ingredients found at the sacred waterfalls in and around the islands of Hawaii, well known for their mythical healing powers.

Our refreshing mist has a pH of 5, quickly soothing your skin back to balance. This is not a typical toner, not a secondary cleanser nor an alcohol-based astringent. It has 100% active ingredients giving you a quick way to deliver nutrients to your skin.

STAR INGREDIENTS (scroll for full ingredient list)

Sea Kelp Bioferment*, Blue-green Algae*, Coconut Water, Bamboo Water


Thoughtfully curated ingredients from around the globe: powerful, exotic and all-natural.


Coconut water is a natural source of cytokinins, plant hormones that influence the rate at which plants age. Cytokinins have been well studied and are known to have an anti-aging effect on human cells as well.

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable plant and a unique source of nutrient-rich bio-waters. Immersing your skin in this isotonic solution helps increase moisture retention.

Anti-oxidant laden sea kelp is full of hydrating minerals believed to promote rejuvenation and protection.

Organic blue-green algae is highly available to skin and contains a chlorophyll, B vitamins, beta-carotene, pro vitamin A, lipids, enzymes, amino acids, and DHA and EPA fatty acids.

MSM has been hailed as a miracle ingredient for giving gently aging skin a youthful glow.


Coconut Water, Bamboo Water, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Sea Kelp Bioferment*, Glycerin, Blue-green Algae*, Butterfly Pea Flower, Lactobacillus Ferment

* Organic or wild harvested

All-Natural Bio-Color: Our mist's gentle blue hue has been achieved without any dyes and is made from coconut water, which has a milky blue tint, and .001% pea flower tea.

Note: Our formulations are updated from time to time as part of our commitment to innovation. As such, the ingredient list shown here may vary from the product box depending on time and region of purchase.


Shake well. Spritz all over face and neck after washing or anytime you want to give your skin extra love and a refreshing boost.

Can also be used after makeup application to finish your look. Lightly mist all over face to set and hydrate.


Nature's healing waters

Off the coast of Hawaii and all throughout the Pacific Islands, there are sacred waterfalls believed to be mythical healing waters causing cuts to quickly disappear, toxins to flush out, and stress to dissolve on the spot. These places were the natural spas of the island people who live close to nature. We now know our ancestors revered these waters for their high mineral content including detoxifying magnesium.

We bring you a bit of that magic by loading this face mist with some of the most prized ingredients found there, making every day a natural spa day.

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